Light Keel Villa Frame Roll Forming Machine,high speed light gauge steel frame cold roll forming machine

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Good Performance G550 Z275 0.8-1.2mm Light steel frame machine
What is the investment prospect of light steel frame machine?

light steel frame machine (also known as LGS frame machine) is used for LGS structure houses.
The profiles used in this kind of house are produced by cold bending forming methods. These profiles are assembled into a structural steel frame by screws and bolts at the construction site, and can also be applied to various wall and floor structures.
After the frame has been lapped, the building can be completed by installing an outer layer of insulating material or painting concrete. The system can be applied to all characteristic types of buildings, such as schools, residences, offices, hotels, hospitals, factories and warehouses, etc.
Different types of profiles produced by light steel frame machine can replace wood in residential and light commercial buildings. It is very suitable for load-bearing walls and interior rooms. The frame is very similar to wood, and because the positions of the screw holes on the profiles are produced through rigorous calculations, there is almost no need to spend time on drilling and determining the hole distance at the work site.
Due to its light weight, transportation is more convenient and costly. The profile size is fixed, the installation method is simple, and the construction speed is fast. And because it is made of metal, light steel structure houses will not rot, split, warp, shrink, burn, or be eaten by termites.
Compared with wooden frames, steel frames generate less on-site waste, thereby reducing the cost of debris removal. In addition, because waste is used in recycling facilities, waste can even generate some revenue to offset project costs.

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