Car board high speed roll forming machine,cold roll forming machine

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Carriage panels are panels used in different models such as rail trains, passenger cars, trucks, and special vehicles.
According to the functional characteristics, there are: anti-skid carriage panels, fire-proof carriage panels, and waterproof carriage panels.
According to the wood characteristics, there are: birch carriage board, beech carriage board, etc.
Some are used on the ceiling, some are used on the side boxes, and some are used on the floor.

What are the advantages of cabin linings?
1. The carriage will not be unloaded cleanly or materials will stick to the carriage board.
2. It is not affected by the humidity of the material and will not be wetted by water.
3. Reduce material corrosion on vehicles, extend the service life of carriage linings, and reduce usage costs.
4. Shorten the unloading time and improve work efficiency.
Car insurance lining is a white powdery granular product made of high-density polyethylene. It is tasteless, odorless, feels like wax, has self-lubrication, wear resistance, impact resistance, light weight, energy absorption, aging resistance, and flame retardant. , Antistatic. In coal mining projects, it has played a role in highway construction, reservoir construction, and high-speed rail projects.

Car board high speed roll forming machine,cold roll forming machine:

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